What’s important to you?


For the New Year of 2013, I challenged folks to get in touch with what was important to them. I wrote to friends, After you know what is REALLY important to you, I challenge you to figure out how to make those values/ideas/people/things/places central in your life. (This challenge comes from running around Vegas high as a kite  and seeing all these people looking unhappy even though they were in this place that was supposed to be so much fun. A tourist guy in town for a bachelor party ended up sitting next to me in a hippy circle while waiting to buy some weed [not from me or any of my people] and I tried to talk to him about something real, just piercing him with my eyes and saying, “What’s important to you, Rob?”)

It’s 2015 now, and I’m challenging you (again or for the first time) to figure out what is important to you and then make those values/ideas/people/things/places central in your life. If you’re not already living with what’s important to you at the center of your life, now’s the time to do so. What’s stopping you? Whatever it is, I suggest you get rid of it.

About Blaize Sun

I live in my van, which makes me a rubber tramp. I like to see places I've never seen before, and I like to visit the places I love again and again. I like to play with color. I make collages and hemp jewelry and cheerful winter hats. I take photographs and (sometimes, not in a long time) write poetry. All of those things make me an artist. Although I like to spread joy and to make people laugh, my wit can be sharp. I try to stay positives in all situations, to find the goodness in all people. But I often feel compelled to point out bullshit when I smell it. I like to have fun, to dance, to eat yummy food, to sit by a fire and share stories. I want to know what people hold dear and important, not just make surface small talk. This blog is a way for me to share stories. This blog is made up of my stories, rants, and observations, as well as my photographs.

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