Muppets on Weed


Because today is 4-20, here’s a marijuana-related post.

The other night I had a dream. In the dream I was trying to get in touch with an old boyfriend with whom I haven’t spoken since 1994 or so. In the dream, I knew someone who I thought was maybe in touch with him, so I was going to contact that person and try to find him. My sister said she would contact him directly. Later she was going through all the hemp necklaces I had made, and I thought she was going to send one to the guy I was looking for. The necklaces had glass pendants and some of the pendants had images of Muppets smoking weed.

I posted the details of this dream on an email list I am on with a bunch of other people I went to college with. I mentioned in my message that I had never actually seen an image of a Muppet smoking weed. One of the women on the list (self-proclaimed Google goddess) found this video.

I strongly urge you to watch this video before reading any further.

I have to admit, I was 15 to 20 seconds into watching it before I realized that the song had been dubbed, that there was not actually a Muppets skit about selling and smoking weed. (No, I was not stoned. I don’t even get stoned.)

I think the song is hilarious, a very good parody. (I’m surprised Weird Al didn’t think of it.)

I have to say, my favorite part of the video is the banjo-playing Jerry Garcia Muppet. Even without the marijuana themed lyrics, the banjo-playing Jerry Garcia Muppet was a great touch. It’s nice to know there was a Jerry fan somewhere on the crew of The Muppet Show.

I’ve probably watched this video ten times since I found it in my inbox, and it made me laugh every time. (No, I’m not stoned.)

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