People Need Wild Places


A few days after Earth Day, I want to share this quote from Barbara Kingsolver:

“People need wild places. Whether or not they think they do, they do. They need to experience a landscape that is timeless, whose agenda moves at the pace of speciation and glaciers. To be surrounded by a singing, mating, howling commotion of other species, all of whom love their lives as much as you do, and none of whom could possibly care less about your economic status or your running-day calendar. Wilderness puts us in our place. It reminds us that our plans are small and somewhat absurd. It reminds us why, in those cases in which our plans might influence many future generations, we ought to choose carefully.”

I first read this quote in Kingsolver’s introduction to a mediocre collection of short stories called Off the Beaten Path: Stories of Place. 

Off the Beaten Path: Stories of Place
I found Off the Beaten Path in a free box when I had nothing else to read, so I was grateful for it. However, I thought Kingsolver’s introduction was the best part of it.

I keep this quote stuck on the dashboard of my van-home so I can be reminded often.

(I found another version of this quote on GoodReads, but what I’ve posted here is exactly what I tore out of the book and stuck to my dashboard.)



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I like to have fun, to dance, to eat yummy food, to sit by a fire and share stories. I want to know what people hold dear and important, not just make surface small talk.

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