International No Diet Day


Today is International No Diet Day.

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I guess I first heard about International No Diet Day (INDD) in the 90s, probably while reading Marilyn Wann’s zine (and later book) FAT!SO? (FAT!SO? is now also a website. Check it out here:

The aims of INDD  are on the International No Diet Day community’s Facebook page ( Those aims are

To celebrate natural body diversity.

To promote positive body image and self-esteem in people of all shapes and sizes.

To advocate for non-restrictive, healthy eating patterns and non-punitive physical activities for everyBODY.

To challenge cultural attitudes and values that contribute to body hatred, weight preoccupation, and eating disorders.

To encourage positive, body-diverse images throughout the media.

To increase awareness of the dangers of weight-loss dieting and the social, emotional and physical consequences of food, size and weight-obsessions.

To educate the public about the dangers of weight-loss surgery, diet drugs, and size-biased medical treatment.

To work for an end to weight discrimination, size abuse and fatphobia.

The INDD pledge is also on the community’s Facebook page ( Here it is:

I will accept myself just as I am
I will feed myself if hungry
I will feel no shame or guilt about my size or eating

…and i will LOVE MYSELF for who I am, not who I feel pressure to be!

I know a lot of people think being fat is unhealthy. I believe that folks can engage in healthy eating without dieting and that being active is more important than being thin.

Go here for five (well-research, complete with sources sited) facts about dieting:

I do know that the diet industry is getting rich off of all of us who have been told our bodies are not thin enough, not attractive enough, not good enough. Today, I encourage you to give up dieting, even if it is just for the day, and if you truly believe you need to lose weight, think about ways you can accomplish your goals without lining any corporate pockets.

Me? I think I’ll have some ice cream.

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