Old White People Crossing


It was a slow weekday at the Bridge. More accurately, it was another slow weekday at the Bridge. The few tourists milling around were not buying, and all of the vendors were bored.

Gregorio was wandering around, talking to vendors, generally just passing the time. He strolled not very far out onto the Bridge and came back chuckling.

This is what he’d seen:


No one I know has any idea who made the stencil (as it should be with street art), but I think the artist(s) did a great job. I love the details of the people’s hats and their stooped posture. The cane is a nice touch too. I think as a whole, the piece is hilarious.

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  1. Let me know if you want me to say what I really think about this sign:
    I have spent time a the gorge. The bridge really isn’t accessible to old people. I’ve seen some older tourists drive and stop to look over the bridge. I saw lots of colors and many physically fit tourists at the bridge. So what would make someone spent their talents/time on such a defacing sign. It’s not good at many levels.

  2. Jennifer, thank you for raising the good point that the Bridge is not accessible for people with disabilities of any age. It seems like now that the Bridge is part of a National Monument, the government should be required to make changes to make the entire area and particularly the Bridge itself accessible for people with mobility issues. I wonder if it will take a lawsuit for changes to be made.

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