In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing with you the song Valentine” by the fantastic Mary Prankster.

(Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a video for this song, but click on the arrow to hear it.)

If you need a little help understanding the words, here’s a lyrics crib sheet, thanks to

Don’t give a damn what it’s all about
I just wanna see how it all turns out
My mind’s skin tight, but my skin’s so loose
Everclear is apple juice, I’m swinging from a liquid noose

Get me drunk and get in line
I’m everybody’s valentine
Meet me in a few more sips
Kiss my red apocalips

I will never be ignored
I may be a slut, but I’m never bored
I’ll go down on anything
Cage that bird and watch her sing

High on life, but it’s not mine
Everybody’s valentine
Damaged goods all bought and sold
Cunt’s cast iron, but my heart’s pure gold

Drunk is: opening a wound half-healed
Drunk is: every little fantasy revealed
Drunk is: babble on ’til everybody thinks they see your soul
Drunk is: going from control freak to a freak with no control

Fill my hole with cum and wine
I’m everybody’s valentine
This bitter little mouth is my only claim to fame
’Cause once you’ve given head, nothing ever tastes the same

Drunk is: opening a wound half-healed
Drunk is: every bit of cruelty revealed
Drunk is: turning my shame into my pride
Drunk is: always a bridesmaid, never a bride

Bitter enough for you?

If you’re wondering who Mary Prankster is, here’s what Wikipedia has to say (

Mary Prankster was the moniker for an Americansinger-songwriter, primarily associated with Baltimore (now residing in New York), who played a blend of alternative/indie music with frank lyrics. The name is a reference to Ken Kesey‘s Merry Pranksters. After over 1,000 live performances the Mary Prankster character was retired over “Pranksgiving Weekend” (November 25–28, 2005); the woman behind Mary continues to work on other creative projects.

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