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I’ve written about the murals in Ajo, Arizona before, but even in two posts, I wasn’t able to cover them all. (Read my other posts about the murals of Ajo here: and here: In this post I’ll include photos and information about more murals in the small desert town.

The first mural here is one that didn’t make it in my post about the Art Alley. The day I walked through the Art Alley (the alley immediately to the south of the Plaza) taking photos of the murals, a truck parked right in front of this piece, and I wasn’t able to get a picture of it.


I believe the next three pieces were all painted by Ajo muralists Mike “DaWolf” Baker. (If I’m wrong about that, someone please correct me.)


I was told the homeowner commissioned Baker to paint this scene on his house. I was also told this scene is from a movie, but my informant (I’ve always wanted to say my informant) didn’t remember the name of the movie. The crosses symbolize the homeowner’s loved ones who have passed away. This house is at the corner of Solana (Highway 85) and and Cunada streets. The mural is very easy to see when driving south through Ajo, not far after the main drags curves to the left.

The next mural in on a store, the aVita Boutique in the Raven’s Nest, which is located at 801 North 2nd Avenue.


Did you notice that the spheres on the front of the building are painted in the colors of the rainbow? Yep, there’s good ol’ Roy G. Biv: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.


This sign for the store is  closer to the road. It might be what a driver sees first, as the store is set back.

North 2nd Avenue is another name for Highway 85, the main drag through town. Since the store is set back quite a ways from the street, you do have to be on the lookout for it when driving through town.


I can just about hear the howling coming from that wolf!


This photo shows the complete image on the south side of the building.

Something I really like about this mural is how the image on the left side wraps around the building. I think the wrapping makes the image quite dynamic. I also really like the bright, vibrant colors the artist used in this piece.

Of course, the Raven’s Nest needs a raven and the artist painted a nice one.




I love the rays of energy radiating from this bird.

The last mural is a sneak peak of tomorrow’s post. This mural has enough of a story for its own post, so that’s what it will get.


Yep, that’s the mural depicting The Night of the Lepus, and it’s painted on Roadrunner Java (932 North 2nd Avenue).

I took all of the photos in this post.


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  1. Hi!…I’m Mike Baker, but most folks know me as Lonewolf. I’m the artist whose work you have so graciously posted. Thank you…I just wanted to comment about the “farmer and mule” mural…it was commissioned by an elderly gentleman somewhat wellknown in Ajo. He was originally from Texas and wanted me to do a piece reflection his earliest memories of his Father.He wanted me to do him out plowing behind his mule…immediately, the visual came up(in my head) as this…I knew I’d seen it somewhere before, but, couldnt place it. then, I remebered that old movie about Sargent York, the WW1 sharpshooter..and just this scene is in that film…however…there is also a painting of just this scene that was done back the year (or so) Before the film was made; by a then famous California painter whose name somehow escapes me right now……Yes, the crosses are for sons and a wife who had preceeded him in death…there are now 4 crosses depicted…Mr,Boozer passed on a year ago now, and I added a cross for him, as he’d requested.

    • Mike, thanks for giving more details about this mural. It is a really lovely and striking piece. I notice it every time I drive through Ajo.

      I like all of your murals around town. Ajo is lucky to have you!

    • Hey Mike, here’s to hoping your feet are still on the ground. This is Tricia Holmes. You may ne the guy that painted a 1976 lipstick edition Lincoln Mark 4 with beautiful Vargas girls. Hopes all is well. Contact is

      • Hi Tricia. I’m not sure Mike will ever see this reply to his comment. If not, I hope you are able to touch base with him some other way. Cheers!

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