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I recently read Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck. In the early 1960s, when Steinbeck was 60, he and his dog took to the road, as the subtitle tells us, “in search of America.” I was surprised how much I enjoyed the book. It’s the story of a road trip, but it is also one man’s philosophy on travel.

This is one of the quotes I wrote down from the book:

“Perhaps we have overrated roots as a psychic need. Maybe the greater the urge, the deeper and more ancient is the need, the will, the hunger to be somewhere else.”

TRAVELS WITH CHARLEY IN SEARCH OF AMERICA [Travels with Charley in Search of America ] BY Steinbeck, John(Author)Paperback 01-Apr-1997

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  1. I started reading Travels With Charley in 2013. I have not finished it yet because I put it down when my girl got sick and was not able to pick it up after she died 9 days later. Some day, I’ll finish it. It’s a great story and I enjoyed it up to the point I quit reading it.

    Thanks for the reminder that I still have this book to finish 😀

    By the way, there is no quote from the book, that I can see; it’s a blank box.

    • I can see how the loss of your best doggy friend would make it difficult to finish reading Travels with Charley. I am sorry for your loss of your friend.

      I see the quote when I look at this post, but it looks weird, not the way it looked when I scheduled the post. Internet weirdness, I suppose. Thanks for the heads up.

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