Questions and a Contest


I’ve been wanting to do a question and answer post for a long time. Surely my readers have questions, and maybe I have answers.

Here’s how it will work: Post your questions–about me, my life, van dwelling, my jobs, whatever–in the comments section of this post. Folks will have a week to submit their questions. At the end of the week, I’ll compile the questions and try to answer them in a post. (I do reserve the right to refuse to  answer any question. I also reserve the right to give snarky or silly or sarcastic answers.)

To make this a little more fun (and because the last contest went so well), everyone who submits a question will be entered in a drawing to win something I’ve made with my own two little hands. An individual can ask as many questions as s/he wants, but will only be entered in the drawing once.

The contest will end on November 1st at whatever time I leave a comment on this post saying the time for entries is over.


About Blaize Sun

I live in my van, which makes me a rubber tramp. I like to see places I’ve never seen before, and I like to visit the places I love again and again.

I like to play with color. I make collages and hemp jewelry and cheerful winter hats. I take photographs and (sometimes, not in a long time) write poetry. All of those things make me an artist.

Although I like to spread joy and to make people laugh, my wit can be sharp. I try to stay positives in all situations, to find the goodness in all people. But I often feel compelled to point out bullshit when I smell it.

I like to have fun, to dance, to eat yummy food, to sit by a fire and share stories. I want to know what people hold dear and important, not just make surface small talk.

This blog is a way for me to share stories. This blog is made up of my stories, rants, and observations, as well as my photographs.

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  1. Yes, you have the right not to answer this question!

    You had the good sense to run from an abusive relationship. Congratulations on finding the strength to do so — many women never do.

    I recently read an excellent book called ‘The Gift of Fear & Other Survival Signals that Protect Us from Violence’ by Gavin de Becker. He starts off with an almost-murdered victim and refers to her actions, reactions and thoughts throughout the book, pointing out how her subconscious recognized the warning signs and his manipulations, but she either ignored them or her training to be polite overrode them.

    I’m sure you’ve thought about what you went through a LOT. And while you did think about them, did you isolate things he said and did, and then re-identify them from casual remarks into recognizable warning signs? In other words, have you learned to think about what people say and how they act so it will help you in future relationships?

    • Thanks for the question, Sue. You have been entered in the drawing to win.

      I didn’t anticipate that I would want to answer the questions RIGHT NOW, but I do. However, I think it is better if I contemplate questions like yours for a while before I dash off an answer.

  2. I have some questions!! They are kind of detailed. Fist one: I am pretty interested in the life out on the Mesa outside of the bridge in Taos. I have family that live in the area but not on the Mesa. Have you ever lived out there? What did you think of it and what was your experience if you did. I like the idea of freedom and having very little income needed to live out there. I love the land out there and the air and views too. Thanks

    Second Question: Do you keep your money in a bank at all? I think if I were on the road I would want to keep my cash with me at all times but then I would be worried I might get robbed.

    Third Question: Just a fun question. What is your favorite meal? Like if you could have anything to eat for dinner tonight what would it be? ..and your favorite dessert (I guess I just made a fourth question).

    Thanks. I enjoy reading your blogs. Very interesting, funny and enjoyable to read.

    • Thanks, Cindy for all of your questions. You have been entered in the drawing.

      I like the mix of easy to answer questions and one that will take more time and reflection to answer.

    • I’ll answer this one now, as it is relevant today but maybe not so much next week.

      When I was in San Francisco, I saw this sticker in a window of a store. I liked it, so I took a photo of it. Today I wanted to include an image with the post and decided to use this image of a sugar skull sticker. No reason other than I like it.

    • Thanks for your question, Dave. I thought it was a difficult one at first, but then realized I know the answer. You are entered in the drawing.

  3. Do you think this is something that you’ll be doing for as long as you can or do you think that you may choose a more stationary life? Maybe I’m asking when/how/if you would choose a more permanent (or semi-permanent) place to lay roots for a while.
    PS I hear Austin, TX is nice

    • good question, Louise. I hear Austin, TX has gotten really expensive. This is a question I contemplate all the time. Hopefully I can corral my scattered thoughts into a cohesive answer. You have been entered into the drawing.

    • Good question, Brent. The answer that popped into my head is kind of embarrassing. I’ll probably give the long answer and the short answer. you are entered in the drawing.

    • I actually already have a plan for this, Muriel. Can’t wait to tell you! And now you’ve been entered in the drawing.

  4. The period for asking questions is now over. The contest is now closed. I hope to run a post with the answers to these question on Wednesday, November 2.

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