The Master’s Tools


I’ve been thinking about Audre Lorde in these days after the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. I wonder what she would have said about the whole situation. I suspect she would have said something brave and intelligent, calm and pointed.

Unfortunately, Ms. Lorde is no longer with us, so we can’t know what she would have said. But words she said and wrote during her life on earth have been preserved, so we can continue to contemplate her ideas.

I’ve often read the quote (and quoted it myself) “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” But while researching this post, for the first time I read what came before and after those words and grasped more fully the concept Ms. Lorde wanted us to understand.

I won’t even try to interpret Lorde’s words here. I trust my readers are intelligent people. Besides, how could I possibly say it better than Audre Lorde said it herself?

Also, I think understanding comes more fully when each of us reads these words ourselves and allows them sink in a bit more and a bit more and a bit more with each exposure.

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