If you are interested in buying any necklace on this page, send me a message and we can work out the details. All hemp work is done with my hands. I did not make the pendants unless specifically noted. All necklaces open and close completely thanks to sliding knot technology. Colors in photos may look slightly different from the way they look in real life. Shipping charges will be added.


Fused glass pendants made by an artist from Tulsa, OK. They range in length from 20 to 22 inches. $15 each.


Hearts. The first three are mass-produced glass, and each is 20 inches. The fourth heart is made of stone (I don’t know what kind of stone) and has goldstone accent beads. It is 17 inches. $15 each.



Metal pendants. Multicolored “Find Joy in the Journey” is 16 inches. Purple “Find Joy in the Journey” is 20 inches. Circle with flowers is 14 inches. $15 each.



Mushrooms. Metal mushroom 17 inches. Glass mushroom 20 inches. $15 each.



Star (from bone) is 16 inches. Heart (not sure of material, maybe shell) is 20 inches. Heart with keyhole (metal) is 14 inches. Brown glass pendant is 20 inches. $10 each.



Glass tube with garnets is 16 inches. $15



Ammonites. The necklace with purple hemp (the middle one) is SOLD and gone. I still have purple hemp and ammonite pendants available, so I can make another one. However, the ammonnite in the pendant may be larger than the one pictured, and the necklace will cost $25. Since I will be making it as a custom piece, I can make it anywhere from 14 to 22 inches, to your specification. Necklaces with natural hemp is 20 inches and costs $20.  Sliced ammonite with fancy wire wrapping is 27 inches. (Pendant by Taos County artist.) $35



Bears. From left to right. Necklace with goldstone is 14 inches. Three middle bears are carved from stone (but I don’t know what stone) and each is 20 inches. (The second bear is very washed out in this photo. It is not nearly as white as it looks here. The stone has quite a pinky/peach look to it in real life. If you are interested in this bear buy want a more accurate color representation, let me know, and I will try to take a better photo.) The last bear if malachite and is 16 inches. $15 each.