Spending Report November 2016


I think I would have been happy with my spending in November, but then my dad died and I had to buy a $605 last minute plane ticket to the homeland. Sigh. Big thanks to all the people who helped me with money, parking, transportation, food, and love (which, of course, is priceless) during the whirlwind trip to my dad’s memorial service.

If you are interested in how this spending report project came about, you can read this post: http://www.rubbertrampartist.com/2015/12/31/spending/. If you want to see spending reports from previous months, type “spending report” into the search bar.

11-1-15 Hey! The month started off with a $5 refund for my review of the Simple Shower. Today’s total spent will reflect the refund. Today I ran errands and prepared for my trip down South. Total spent: $761.49 (I spent a whole month’s worth of money in one day to do something I didn’t even want to do. Sigh.)

$605 plane ticket

$22.19 to post office to send (among other things) cute clothes to my friend’s kids

$33.42 to Wal-Mart for supplies (including two water containers I needed, one of which, unfortunately fell out of my van and busted within the week)

$26.28 for groceries

$2 for a bottled coffee drink to wake me up at 3am for my drive to the airport

$5.75 for bulk nutritional yeast

$71.85 for gas

11-2 through 11-3-16 I didn’t spend any money for two days, even though I was traveling on the 3rd. Yippie for bringing my own snacks and filling my water bottle from a fountain. Nothing spent

11-4-16 I hadn’t brought an extra shirt and realized my dad’s wife would notice if I was wearing the same one from the day before, so I stopped at a thrift store. I’d also finished reading my book on the airplane the day before, so I needed reading material for my return trip. Total spent: $4.47

50 cents to Goodwill for book

$3.97 to Goodwill for shirt (finding something made from 100% cotton that fit, I actually liked, and hid my tattoos from my obnoxious family members: priceless)

11-5-15 Today I was in transit back to my van. Again, I brought my own snacks and filled my water bottle from a fountain in the airport. Nothing spent

11-6-16 Today I went went into the city to visit my friend before heading to my next house sitting gig. My phone autopayment went through. Total spent: $56.59

$11.60 for public transportation

$10 burrito and tip

$34.99 phone autopayment

11-7-19 I’m spent the few days until my house sitting job starts in a town with a nearby truck stop and Wal-Mart where I can park and sleep. Total spent: $13

$1.09 to Panera for bagel and internet access

$11.91 for groceries

11-8-09 Today I spent most of my day in Panera, working on my book and my blog. Total spent: $49.40

$7.91 to Panera for breakfast and lunch

$30 I was time to renew my membership with House Sitters America, so I did

$7.50 to Little Caesar’s for a pizza (This total might be a little off. The guy working the counter didn’t give me a receipt, and I was so flustered by a $6.99 instead of a $5.55 Hot-n-Ready pizza that I forgot to ask for one.)

$3.99 for a pen with a light for writing in the dark. (Amazon.com gave me a $5 off coupon just for signing on to their app. I signed on, got my coupon, and used it to buy this pen, which usually sells for $8.99, including shipping.)

11-9-16 Today I bought the cover for my book and spent most of my time working on my book and my blog. Total 

This is the cover of my book.

This is the cover of my book.

spent: $55.14

$1.99 to Panera for coffee and internet access

$2.17 to Dollar Tree for dental floss and batteries

$3.98 for two strings of battery operated LED lights for van

$1 for yogurt

$46 for book cover

11-10-16 I worked on my book and blog for a few hours this morning, then bought groceries to get me through the next three weeks of house sitting in a very small town where I suspected food prices would be high. Total spent: $56.13

$2.39 to Panera for a drink and internet access

$4.20 to Taco Bell for breakfast (It cracks me up that I spent 420 at Taco Bell.)

$23.84 for groceries

$25.70 for gas

11-11 through 11-14-16 I stayed at the house I was sitting and didn’t spend any money. Nothing spent

11-15-16 I went into town today and bought a money order to PAY OFF MY DEBT and mail some books. Total spent: $81.77

$72 for debt repayment

$1.20 to post office for money order fee

$6.17 to mail two books and a collage

$2.40 to bargain store for a couple of pound cakes

11-16-16 I stayed in the house again. Nothing spent

11-17-16 I sold a hat, so I had to go to the post office to send it. Total spent: $2.62

11-18-16 I stayed in the house. Nothing spent

11-19-16 I went to town, took a free walking tour, looked at the exhibit at the free museum, and walked around the cemetery. Nothing spent

11-20- through 11-23-16 I stayed in the house. Nothing spent

11-24-16 Today I figured out I have both a business PayPal account and a personal PayPal account, and I had money in both accounts! I moved money from one account into my checking account. I used some of the money in the second account to by myself a winter holiday present of books about living portably. Total spent: $25.12

11-25 through 11-27-16 Nothing spent

11-28-16 Today I gave a $5 donation to Wikipedia. I use Wikipedia all the time, so I figured I should make at least a small donation during the site’s fund drive. Total spent: $5

11-29-16 I ran some errands in town. Total spent: $33.94

$2.35 for five large envelopes and two bungee cords

20 cents to library for two copies of my insurance card

$2 to grocery store for two onions and pound of rice to get me through the next three days

$1 for an egg roll snack

$3.09 to post office to mail book

$25.50 for gas

11-30-16 I stayed in the house and wrote blog posts. Nothing spent

Total spent for the month: $1,144.87





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  1. Sometimes it is hard to decided what we need to do and what we want to do…….I hope that this trip will bring you more positive “vibes” as time goes on ….. Love to you, Jennifer

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