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  1. I have started reading your Blog from the earliest date (Feb.2015) and saw where you mentioned workamping. I have recently subscribed to the Workamping website and am also getting the Workamper News magazine. I will be getting it every other month and instead of throwing it in the trash (not much recycling going on here), I would send it to you if you wish to have it. If you have a mail service (address) forward it and I`ll send it off. No strings, just trying to offer it to you if you are interested.

  2. Blaize, I came upon your blog while sitting in a nice warm room at 3:30 am mountain time. Someone had sent me a link to your piece on Brantley Lake State Park (actually 2 blogs you had written) about your stay there. I am on my way there and was researching it. I have now read about 4 entries and decided to stop in to see what you are “About.” So here I am writing to you because you said you’d love to know what I think. Well, I wish I’d come across your blog sooner. I am very, very new at blog writing (novice) and I’m still working my way around WordPress. I love your layout and I see I have a lot of reading / catching up to do. Glad I found you. Thanks,

    • Thanks for your comment, lingeralong. I’m glad you found my blog and I hope the posts about Brantley Lake State Park camping were helpful.

      Good luck with your blogging, and I hope you find lots of good information on mine.

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