Yes, the Rubber Tramp Artist does accept guest posts for the blog.

I am unable to pay for any guest posts.

I am most interested in sharing personal stories, particularly stories about travel, frugal living, van life, and living nomadically. I may choose to run posts on other topics that fit the vibe of my blog. If you are interested in sharing an article or story, run your idea by me in an email sent to I am NOT interested in or willing to run posts that are racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, or mean in any way.

The writing of any guest post must also meet my standards. I am not going to run posts that read as if they were written by robots or space aliens. Please, don’t bother to submit general or vague writing.  Provide details and provide links. Do the research so the reader doesn’t have to.

If I don’t like a guest post for any reason, I will simply choose not to share it on my blog.

Yes, you can share a link in your guest post, but the link needs to make sense in the context of what you are writing about. I will determine if the link makes sense in the body of the post. If the link doesn’t make sense in the body of your post, you are welcome to share the link in the author’s bio at the end of the post. Links to websites that are racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, or in any way objectionable to me will not be accepted.

I would love for you to submit photos or images that fit the topic of your post. Please submit photos you shot or images you created. You can also submit photos you have permission to use. If you need free photos or images, try Pexels or Pixabay. I don’t typically use photos that show human faces, so it’s best if you submit photos that illustrate your ideas in other ways.

I don’t have the time or inclination to do a lot of editing of guest posts. The post you submit should be finished and polished and ready to run immediately.

Please include a brief biography at the end of the post. The bio is your chance to tell readers why they should trust what you’ve written and where they can read more.

I will let you know when your piece is scheduled to run on my blog. I reserve the right to change when your post will run if necessary. I will do my best to let you know of any changes to the scheduled date of your post.

Feel free to share news of your post on social media. Everything on my blog is for public consumption. You can share posts on Facebook directly from the blog or via the Rubber Tramp Artist Facebook page.

PLEASE skip a line between paragraphs. DO NOT indent. Use one space between punctuation marks and the first letter of the next sentence. Thanks.