I have postcards for sale! I took all the photos on the postcards and created the layouts as well. The only artwork I didn’t do was the Rubber Tramp Artist logo. That was created by the talented Samantha Adelle before her sad, untimely passing.

All of the postcards are sized to go through the United States Postal Service with a 36 cent postcard stamp. They also make great small space artwork for vans, camper trailers, motorhomes, teardrops, 5th wheels, and other tiny (or not so tiny) homes.

The price is only $5 for six postcards or $10 for a dozen cards. The cost of me sending the cards to you is included in the price. If you want larger quantities, let me know and I’ll figure out a price for you. You can get all one design or mix and match designs.

I don’t have an order button, so folks can contact me via email at rubbertrampartist@gmail.com and let me know what they want and how they want to pay. (I accept PayPal, Venmo,and GiftRocket, as well as cash and money orders for people who want to mail their payment to me.)

Let everyone on your mailing list know that you’re a Rubber Tramp Artist fan. Logo by Samantha Adelle. Photos by Blaize Sun.
Quote by Willa Cather. Photo from Rockhound State Park near Deming, NM by Blaize Sun.
Yeah, I said it, and my sibling made me write it down. I took the photo too, somewhere in Northern New Mexico.
I took the photo of the heart cactus at Rockhound State Park near Deming, NM. I only have a few of this design left, but I can order more if you need them. These are great for desert dwellers to send during the winter holiday season or as a Valentine’s Day greeting.
Love the Land of Enchantment? I do too! I took these photos and put them all together for a postcard that represents New Mexico.
How many postcards feature the state insect? This one does! Perfect for the entomologist in your life.
A New Mexico license plate on a postcard. Love that cracked and faded yellow!