Stickers are fanned out across a table. The top of each stickers has the words "Rubber Tramp Artist" on it. Each sticker shows a large van with a smiling sun in the drivers seat. The sun wears sunglasses and pops its head out of the drivers window. The sun has one hand on the steering wheel and waves with the other hand.

Let the world know you’re a Rubber Tramp Artist fan!

Rubber Tramp Artist stickers are available for your sticking pleasure! Each sticker features the Rubber Tramp Artist logo and is available via USPS for $2.50 (including postage). The stickers are high quality and durable, even if you sport them on your rig.

I have small buttons with the same logo too! They’re also $2.50 each (including postage).

I don’t have an order button, so folks can contact me via email at and let me know what they want and how they want to pay. (I accept PayPal, Venmo,and GiftRocket, as well as cash and money orders for people who want to mail their payment to me.)

Artwork by Samantha Adelle. Photos by Blaize Sun.