More Collages


I promised more photos of collages I created as soon as I could.

I created this collage for a friend.     IMG_1873

This is a detail from the collage.     IMG_1890

The words are my favorite quote in rock-n-roll, from the song “Already Gone” by the Eagles. The song was written by  Jack Tempchin and Robb Strandlund. I’ve used that quote on collages before, one I made for myself and the other I made for an art show in Truth or Consequences I mentioned before. (That one went to my friend JC, so I can’t show it off on my blog.)

I wanted to show off the four collages that were in the show in Truth or Consequences, but Sue forgot them on her way to China, and I don’t yet have them in my possession. Sue’s promised to mail them to me when she gets back home, so I will eventually be able to post photos of them.

Here’s the “Already Gone” collage that I made for myself. IMG_2076

The keys in both collages are actual metal keys, not paper cutouts.

IMG_2073     This is a collage I made to cover up the stereo panel in my van. The stereo doesn’t work, so I wanted something to look at other than the nonfunctional stereo panel. The stones along the bottom are real stones, and the three spirals are made from metal.IMG_2072     Here’s the right side detail of that collage.

Here’s the left side detail of that collage. IMG_2107

I also have some tins I collaged. I had more, but I’ve recently given two of them away. I have a few more tins, and I do want to add collages to them, but I’m worried they will get scratched up in the van. Even a “safe place” in the van often does not offer adequate protection for things that need to be treated gently.

Here’s the top and sides of tin #1: IMG_2050

IMG_2051     IMG_2052

IMG_2053     You get the idea: farm and healthy food theme.

I collaged two very small tins, both with a sweet treat theme.

Here’s the first one, top first, then sides: IMG_2096

IMG_2097     IMG_2098

IMG_2099      IMG_2100

And here’s the second one:     IMG_2101

IMG_2102    IMG_2103

IMG_2105     IMG_2104

I’m sorry these photos aren’t better. I’m still trying to figure out how to use the macro setting on my camera. I need more practice.

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