September 2016 Spending Report


Look at me getting the spending report posted early this month!

(If you are new to this blog, you can read about how this spending report project started here: You can also find the spending reports from previous months by typing “spending report” in the search bar.)

9-1-16 I thought my phone auto payment went through today, but when I got to civilization, my service had been turned off because I hadn’t linked my account on my my new debit card. Luckily, I was able to reinstate my account, and I didn’t lose my phone number. Nothing spent

9-2 through 9-5-16 I stayed on the mountain and didn’t buy anything. Nothing Spent

9-6-16 I had an appointment with a dentist today for a routine exam and cleaning, so I traveled to civilization. Total spent: $366.72

$2.17 to Taco Bell for breakfast

$8.75 for laundry

$275 for dental services

$34.99 phone payment

$21 for gasoline

$6 to thrift store for yarn. (I successfully avoided purchasing postcards and a notebook I didn’t need.)

$1.90 to Wal-Mart for food

$1 to Dollar Tree for envelopes

$7.92 for groceries

$7.99 to Panera for lunch and internet use.

9-7-16 I spent another day in civilization. Total spent: $106.33

$1.89 to Panera for coffee and internet use

$36.76 for gasoline

$14 as I once again I succumbed to the siren song of the Asian buffet. The food wasn’t as good this time, and I won’t be back. Lesson learned.

$34.93 for a water flosser recommended by three dental professionals.

9-8 through 9-10-16 Nothing spent

9-11-16 I had lunch today with coworkers. I ordered the delicious fish and chips, which were worth every penny. I also bought ice. Total spent: $16.61

9-12-16 Nothing spent

9-13-16 Today I mailed off some infinity scarves and a hat. Total spent: $22.05

9-14 through 9-18-16 Nothing spent

9-19-16 Today I made my last trip to civilization for the month. Total spent: $205.86

$2.17 to Taco Bell for breakfast.

$10 for laundry

$100 for debt repayment

70 cents for money order

$5.16 to Wal-Mart for paper towel holder (the one from the free box broke) and a can opener (the one I had for over two years quit opening cans)

$47.54 for gas

$9.75 to Panera for lunch and internet access

$30.45 for groceries

9-20-16 Total spent: $1.89 to Panera for coffee and internet accesss

9-21 through 9-23-16 Nothing Spent

9-24-16 Total spent $2.69 for ice

9-25 through 9-26-16 Nothing spent

9-27-16 Total spent: $10.64 to post office for postage

9-28 through 9-30-16 Nothing spent

Total spent for the month: $732.82



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  1. “Look at me getting the spending report posted early this month!”

    Slow day, eh? Nothing else to do? ***grin***

    (from the world’s worst procrastinator)

    I see that you’re getting your debts paid off — GOOD FOR YOU!

  2. Yikes! I remembered today two expenditures I forgot to post. I do fine if I can stick a receipt in my bag, but the two things I bought online were forgotten. I will add them in as soon as I can look up what I paid for the items.

    • The water flosser of 9-6-16 has been added in, and the total reflects that addition. I have not gone to Etsy and found the cost of some pendants I bought.

  3. Update: 11-18-16 I just found a receipt for a $10.64 payment to the post office. I have added the expense to the report and the total reflects the addition.

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