Snowflake Obsidian


After I was given a large container of stones and beads by an angel at a thrift store (read that story here:, I started learning about the metaphysical properties of different shiny rocks from the Jewelry Lady’s copy of Love is in the Earth: a Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody. (For more information about Love is in the Earth go here:

Among the stones I was given were bars of snowflake obsidian. I learned from Love is in the Earth that snowflake obsidian is good for helping to break patterns that are no longer useful. (The Facebook page at gives short “metaphysical descriptions of gemstones from Love is in the Earth: a Kaleidoscope of Crystals.” The following is the description of snowflake obsidian given there:

It allows one to recognize the unnecessary pattern [sic] which remain in ones life and to re-design ones [sic] thought patters [sic] to provide relief from undesired conditions. It is the stone of purity and balance to the body, mind , and spirit.)

The book also said (although I haven’t been able to find documentation on the internet) the stone is good for helping a person embrace solitude when that’s the situation being faced.

I knew I definitely needed to break some patterns, and I needed to embrace my solitude, so I made myself a bracelet from some hemp and one of the snowflake obsidian bars.

I wasn’t really pleased by the way the finished bracelet looked, but I wore it anyway because I felt as if I needed the energy of the stone. I wore the bracelet all the time; I only took it off for my infrequent showers. As the days passed, I felt as if I were breaking patterns that no longer served me, as well as learning from and even enjoying my abundant time alone. Did the snowflake obsidian make those changes happen? I don’t know. Maybe the stone was simply a physical reminder of some areas of my life that needed improvement. In any case, I was glad for the positive changes.

One day I looked down and noticed that while the bracelet was still on my wrist, the stone had broken apart and was in two pieces. I thought it had broken along the line of the holes drilled in it, but upon closer inspection, I realized the break was nowhere near the holes. I could not determine the cause of the break.

Maybe you’ve broken your patterns, the Jewelry Lady said.

The next time I went to town, I bought some super glue. I glued the two pieces of the snowflake obsidian bar together and continued to wear the bracelet.

Days later, I looked down and again the stone was in two pieces.

Damn cheap glue, I grumbled, but when I looked closely at the stone, I saw the break was in a new spot. The original break was still held together by the glue.

I think the stone really was trying to tell me the no-longer-useful patterns were broken. It certainly felt that way to me.

(Later, my friend Em, who receives messages from angels and knows so much about spirituality told me I should have buried the stone the first time it broke.)

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