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Dear 2018


Hi 2018. Nice to meet you.

I don’t want to ask for much. Really. I know everyone is asking a lot of you right now, so I don’t want to burden you. I’m not going to ask for a beautiful romantic/sexual relationship. I’m not going to ask you for piles of money or even just enough to get by. I’m not going to ask for adventure or excitement or fun. Really. I’ll take care of all that for myself, 2018. Really.

All I want to ask you for, 2018, is some peace.

peace sign by bugmenot

I’d like some peace for myself. A quiet mind. A lack of worry. A deep sigh and a release of mental pain.

I’d like some peace for other people too. I was going to ask for peace for my friends and loved ones, but go ahead and give some peace to everyone, to all the people.

Can’t we just have some peace on the earth? If not a complete end to fighting and war, perhaps a cease-fire? At least once a week could we all lay down our arms and give up our fights and get some rest? Maybe if we get to practice peace, we’ll find we like it and will work harder to keep it.

2018, I know my one small request is really a huge one, but I’d really appreciate an increase of the peace.

Your hopeful new friend,


Image courtesy of https://openclipart.org/detail/4576/peace-sign.