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Two New Infinity Scarves


In May, I started working on an infinity scarf for a friend. I worked on it sporadically, but I just couldn’t get excited about the task. I was dreading the final step, for which I had used an online video as a guide when I made the first scarf. Would I be able to follow the written instructions I’d printed before I left Babylon? I was unsure of my ability to remember how to do the final step or to follow the written instructions. I didn’t want to mangle my friend’s gift.

But one day I decided I’d procrastinated enough. The time to finish the scarf had arrived.

I got to the final step. I read the directions. I followed them one at a time. I remembered what I’d seen in the video. I finished the scarf. It wasn’t mangled. Yippie!

IMG_6733On the left is the scarf I made for my friend, my second infinity scarf. My friend grew up in New England, so as I made this scarf for her, I thought of the leaves changing colors in that part of the world. I tried to capture the autumn colors to remind her of home.

Quick! Before I could forget what I’d just relearned, I made another infinity scarf for another friend. This one was easier. I finished it quickly, in a couple of day.


My road dog Esmerelda models the infinity scarf I made for a friend.

This friend’s favorite color is purple, so I used a purple and blue color scheme. I think it came out great.

Now I feel confident in my scarf-making abilities. Pretty soon I won’t even have to look at the instructions while I work.

I took the photos in this post.