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Sadness and Regret


It is with great sadness and regret that I tell you The Man and I have parted ways. It doesn’t really Kintsugi Heart by j4p4nmatter why; he and I would probably give different reasons.

We are still friends, and we still love each other very much. If the Beatles ever sang anything that was downright wrong, I can say with confidence it was “all you need is love.” I think love is simply the beginning of what’s needed for a relationship to work.

I’ve learned so much from the time I spent with The Man these last ten months. I was reminded how much I desperately need alone time. I saw that I still put the needs of others before my own needs. I learned to not be so scared and to not obsess so much about things that don’t really matter in the end.

Could I have done more to make the relationship work? Maybe. Probably. In each moment I felt as if I were doing all I could, but in retrospect, I see times when I could have tried harder.

I know being out of the romantic relationship is best for both of us, but there’s also a core of sadness running through my being. It’s easy to remember only the sweetness when I know I’ll never experience it again. I’m not just losing my lover; I’m losing my cuddle buddy, my class clown, my best hugger, my dear friend. Yes, yes, we’ll stay in touch, we’ll still be friends, but now he’ll be one more person in my life who’s too far away.

The Man will still be mentioned here from time to time, when I tell happy stories of past adventures, but know, in reality he’s gone, and I’m sad about it.

Image courtesy of https://openclipart.org/detail/290449/kintsugi-heart.